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NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in GEMINI - omg! What does it mean?

Updated: Jan 28

We are navigating an important month my loves…Why this is an important month?…

Eclipses are pivotal points which come along to help us change our lives and have usually an energetic effect on us for the next 6+months. This year though, we're only getting four eclipses (instead of the usual 7), so we really need to work with each and everyone of them.

Remember the Moon draws down the spiritual realms. It makes us feel all our feelings. It's therefore the perfect conduit for our manifesting our BEST- MYB.

If you're into manifesting, please don't neglect to make some New Moon self-care time this month. I just shared a NEW MOON short meditation practice on our MYB platform with you – working around patience & eliminating feelings of guilt and overwhelm. You can access it from here as well:

New moon eclipses, and Mercury Retrograde periods are generally good times to step back, rest if needed, and focus on listening /receiving, re-visiting and re-assessing. This is not a time for opulus ritual practices, but it is an ideal time for quiet contemplation, moving slowly, and letting things reveal themselves (rather than rushing things along or forcing something to happen).

This is a great time to pay attention to your dreams as well. The god Hermes (the messenger) is aligned with the power of prophetic dreams and so this is a time when messages can be received with greater ease. Pay attention and maybe have your journal ready by your bedside table to write down what may be coming through for you as there is a lot of Mercury/Hermes magic in the air right now.

Themes that we might be experiencing & encountering more of these days are related to

relationships, healing, communications, sacred partnership, duality. How the energy might be felt these days might vary, but here are my observations:

  • The energy right now is dynamic, unpredictable and charged. Be prepared to change direction at any moment. Go with the FLOW & try to step away from your “control buttons” – believe me it’s hard – I hear ya!

  • The key during this time is to stay very, very flexible. You may feel the pull between two worlds, two truths: perhaps it’s between work and life. Or between independence and interdependence or between homebase and adventure. Watch out for being too controlling or rigid and see where you can loosen your grip.

  • Know that the universe is supporting you in your decisions. This is a time to get your mind on board for all of the magic that is about to come your way.

  • How can you shift into expansive, abundant thinking and cultivate a growth mindset?

Here are a few suggestions for simple practices around the time of the

NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE: A mini-self-care-ritual:

Set aside a good 15 minutes.

Turn your phone to silent and put on some beautiful music such as Deva Premal or some ambient music.

Create a sacred space, if you don't already have an altar. That can be as simple as lighting a candle, putting a flower in a vase, lowering the lights and lighting some incense or putting some EOs in the diffuser (douglas fir or Frankincense & Spearmint - will be amazing for this work)

Now close your eyes and envision your ideal day:

What are you doing, who are you with, where are you? Make a note of what comes up for you. It's a way of seeing into your own psyche.

Once you're done, Journal about your experience and your feelings.

For the weekend to come, practice & repeat this affirmation:

“I am endlessly creating myself. I am of radiant health and filled with intuitive inspiration that continues to expand and seek change within me & the world.”

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