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Feeling stressed & Need some Balance in your day?

Updated: Feb 15

A short meditation practice for you to harmonize yourself and feel better instantly.

Forgiveness Meditation:

Practice this Mantra every time you feel your heart is heavy. Any time you feel hurt by a person, whom you trusted, a person who is dear to you or a friend, who unknowingly hurt your feelings. Practice this any time you need to forgive yourself for things you’ve done or words you’ve said. The energy you create with this mantra will clear the space, will clear your mind and will help you to elevate your vibrational state and feel positive again. This is also a great practice for a FULL MOON Ritual.

This is how it goes:

Find a comfortable seat on a cushion or your yoga mat with your legs crossed or straight. If you decide to sit on your couch or chair please make sure that your feet are touching the ground and are uncrossed. Take a few deep breaths through the nose, you can exhale through the mouth if needed. Close your eyes and start observing the soft  in- and outflow of air within you. Become completely still and now start reciting your forgiveness mantra:

Repeat this Mantra silently to yourself:

(Under the glorious full moon)...

I forgive everything, everyone, every experience and every memory of the past or present that needs to be forgiven now. I also forgive MYSELF for past mistakes. The universe is LOVE & I am guided by LOVE & LOVE alone. LOVE is now present within ME, LOVE is now present all around ME, LOVE is now present in MY LIFE. Realizing this, I abide in peace. 

My pup Jaya & I, Daria wish you the very BEST & hope we could make your day just a little bit better.

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