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Meditation-the path to create a daily habit.

Updated: Feb 15

We all want to start it, we all try to commit to it, we all think (daily) about it - but in reality how often DO we DO meditate?

This is your best practices to how create consistency and let meditation become part of your daily life, a constant, you don't want to start or end your day without.

For over a decade practicing, studying and researching the topic of Meditation, I realized that we cannot generalize the experience and benefits that each of us might be getting out of the practice of stillness & mindfulness. So in this blog I decided to share with you my own personal experiences and little things that keep me coming back to my mat/ my cushion every day:

  • Space, my surrounding while meditating - has an impact on my mental presence & can either enhance the experience or make it quite difficult to stay still & move out of challenging thoughts. For me my space has to be: clean, tidy, inviting, with a touch of beauty and some of my personal sacred items (crystals, tea mug, journal, feathers, oracle cards,etc)

  • Duration: time I'm setting aside for the practice. I usually choose an odd amount of minutes 7,9 or 11min in rare cases I do a practice where I sit for 25min or longer (usually I practice those in a guided way, class or training setting).

  • Tools/props I use for comfort: a cushion, bolster that helps me to sit for a long period of time, (I tried tons of different kinds & found my one & only), more on the topic of props for yoga & meditation in another blog - as this is an important part of home practice. For keeping track of time I use the app: insight timer, which is a great tool to have for all meditation levels - has also many guided and ambient sound meditation practices to try out.

  • Mindful Journaling: Writing down you experiences after your practice is another method for calming your mind & clearing your thoughts.. Journaling is a meditative process that provides a vehicle to examine what’s going on inside your head and heart. This process allows you to better understand yourself while letting go of negative thinking and energy.

Aromatherapy Tip: Try diffusing doTERRA Easy AIR or Forgive essential oil to create a calming and relaxing environment as you journal.

  • Affirmations: I'm the biggest fan of recitation and affirmations, as I believe they let your mind enter a space of subliminal perception & healing vibrations. Positive self-talk may seem simple but adds value to your life. Use constructive statements to help validate your sense of self-esteem and quiet negative thoughts. At home, alone, I like to recite affirmations out loud. Here is one I like you to try out:

"By being my most authentic self, I attract healthy and loving relationships. I am open to a partnership that helps me be the best version of myself. Love is all around me. I am at peace with where I am NOW. ”

Aromatherapy Tip: For an aromatic boost, apply a few drops of doTERRA Balance essential oil to your neck, wrists or the bottoms of your feet for a peaceful and grounding aroma. The fresh and woody fragrance promotes an atmosphere of relaxation, especially when meditating.


Now, that you have the BEST TIPS on how to create YOUR BEST meditation Experience, let's get comfy & try out one together. Or Write out the suggested affirmation in your journal or on a piece of paper & try a 5min practice on your own.

If you like to deepen your journey of Meditation, Yoga & Wellbeing or you simply want to MANIFEST YOUR BEST life - join me in person or online!


Thank you, have the most amazing day, being amazingly YOU!

Daria Kilburn, MSc, MBA, CTR, E-RYT500+

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